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"Passion, perseverance, ambition and attention to detail are what unite us."

- Keren Naldi -

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For your big day, no effort is too good for us to make you look both elegant and timeless. This way you will still enjoy your choice of dress in later memories. You tell us what you want and we will inspire you with our previously created wedding outfits. Our goal is to make the outfit of your dreams come true.

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Classy man with a cocktail glass is wearing a green Amarcord suit


Amarcord means "I remember"  in the dialect of the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. This expression makes us think back somewhat wistfully to our grandfathers, who were particularly elegantly dressed every Sunday morning. On that day of the week, they always wore the only suit they owned.

Our dream is to teach people the ins and outs of tailored suits, so they can learn their own style and appreciate the casual elegance that only a tailored suit can bring.


Keren Naldi

Keren Mara Naldi

Stylist & Co-Owner

Samuel Naldi

Samuel Naldi


Fabrizio Sansiveri

Fabrizio Sansiveri

Tailor & Production Manager

Anita Wirz

Anita Wirz

Administration & Accounting