Bespoke Shirt

A fully handmade shirt is pure luxury and comfort. The shirt lies directly on the skin and is therefore extremely important for a stress-free day.

How it works

1. Coffee or Wine

First of all we like to spoil our customers with a great Italian Espresso or a glass of sparkling wine.


It is important for us to get to know you and your needs. We try to catch and get the style you like and want to wear. From our side we explain you what isbehind Amarcord and what makes the real difference of a personal tailor-made product.

3. Fabric

We guide you through our selection of high end fabrics and with the goal to find the right quality and pattern based on your needs.

4. Measurements

We carefully take your body measurements and would do a first fitting in order to see how our model is fitting your proportions. This part may costyou some patience but it’s definitely the most important for a flawless fit


This is the exciting part where we define how your outfit finally has to look. We go trough each part of the product showing you all the differentoption you could choose.

6. Final-FITTING

After 2 to maximum 4 weeks you’ll get a call or email that your shirt as arrived and we set an appointment for the final fitting. If small adjustment might be needed we will take care of it with our trusted tailor in Zug.

7. Ready to go

Et voilà monsieur, you’re ready to go show off your new exclusive shirt.From that moment on the order process will be shorter, just the fun part will occur; choose fabric & style.

Important Info


We offer own designed collar in order to have you wearing a unique shirt. As it is handmade we can adapt its pecial request at any time. You will be choosing between three different types of hardness in collar and cuff for a more soft and casual or rigid and formal look.

Delivery Period

For a perfect result the production ofan Amarcord shirt takes 2-4 weeks. For urgent requests we will see that we can speed up this process.


‍B CHF50.- a CHF 350.-