A synonym of work of art.
The Amarcord Handmade™️ is handmade with passion, love and experience, in the heart of Italian tailoring, in Napoli.

How it works


First, we treat our customers to a fresh Italian espresso or a glass of sparkling wine.
Tauchen Sie in die authentische Welt von Amacord ein.


To turn your wishes into reality, it is important that we know your ideas well. During the conversation, we find out what style you like and what you like to wear. We explain what stands behind Amarcord and show you what makes a perfect, tailor-made product.


We will guide you through our selection of high quality fabrics to determine with you the appropriate fabric texture and design.


This is followed by the exact measurement of your mass and a first fitting. This step requires some patience, but is essential for the perfect fit.


Then comes the most interesting step: you decide how your outfit should look in detail. In the process, we will go into each element of your product and show you the different possibilities that we can realize.


Two to four weeks later, we schedule a fitting of your garment with basting, or unfinished, to really construct the piece to the utmost perfection on your body.


After four to a maximum of six weeks, we will notify you when your product is ready and we will arrange an appointment for a final fitting. If small adjustments are necessary, we will make them with our tailor in Zug.


Your new exclusive suit is ready to be worn by you. From here on, new manufacturing processes will be shorter because we already have your measurements. Only the interesting part is repeated: determining the style, fabric and design.

Important Info


The hand sewn fabrication creates a connection between you and the suit as if you were one. The fabric and the inner construction are hand sewn which makes it possible that however you move, everything moves with you in an elegant way.

No limits

The sky is the limit when it comes to design options. As each piece goes into production on its own, we can create unique details just for you.

Perfect imperfections

Where human hands are at work, you have to expect imperfections, that's what makes it so perfect. Like a Ferrari...

Delivery time

Sie werden Ihren handgefertigten Anzug nach ca. 6 Wochen in Empfang nehmen. Dazwischen ist eine Anprobe nötig, die 2-4 Wochen nach der Bestellung stattfinden wird. Dann geht es zurück in das Atelier in Neapel, und die endgültigen Anpassungen und Realisierung Ihres Kleidungsstücks wird weitere 2 Wochen dauern.


Good quality pays off.
Two-piece suit from CHF 4300.-
Three-piece suit from CHF 5200.-
Blazer ab CHF 3200.-
Vest from CHF 1100.-
Trousers from CHF 1050.-
Coat from CHF 3800.-